By Azadeh Shahcheraghi


 Paradigm of Paradise,

in Persian) Architecture & Urbanism, No.78/79, Autumn 2005, Tehran)


Paradox of Persian Garden, 

(in Persian- Abstract in English)


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 Dowlatabad  GardenYazd”,

 (in English)


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 Garden-City of Isfahan ; A Paradise as large as a city

 (in Persian)


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-The Quality of Space in Persian Garden

(in Persian)


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Architecture & Technology of Communication Age


(in Persian- Abstract in English )


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Tim’s Notion of Space

 (in Persian)


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A World without Frontiers, In a Space without Boundaries


(in Persian- Abstract in English )


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Mediatheque as New Urban Spaces of Megalopolises in Information Age “Case Study: Tehran (in English)  DARIS, Under Print



 Architectural Climatic Design & City Structure  


The 5thInternational Conference on Fuel Conservation in Buildings



-The Forgotens in Today’s Space Designing “

A Brief Look on Space Creation”


 (in Persian- Abstract in English )

3thCongress of Iranian Architecture and Urbanism Students, December 2001, Tabriz




 On the Causes of Gaps between People and Architecture


(in Persian- Abstract in English )

 2end Congress of Iranian Architecture and Urbanism Students, December1999, Shiraz


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هم رویایی ام من هم واقعی او لا لا[ابرو]...کمک میکنه.روزها آدمها شبها[خوشمزه]عروسکها[خوشمزه].

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چرا چوما همینچوری چهار تا نگه می داری[لبخند] ند؟